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EGGS - Our eggs come from chickens that have the freedom to live like chickens are supposed to live, ranging free to scratch in the dirt for food, to kick up some dust during one of their dust baths and to exercise. Rousedale Farm chickens enjoy a completely natural diet of feed that is free of animal proteins and by-products. You’ll find our eggs to be tastier, more pleasing to the eye and literally healthier then store-bought eggs from factory farms. Many of our customers say they can’t go back to store-bought eggs once they have tasted our farm-fresh eggs….. and that’s fine with us. We sell our eggs for $4.50 per dozen at the farm.

RAW HONEY - Our local, non-pasteurized, right out of the hive, raw honey is extremely popular. We sell 1 pound, 2 pound and 3 pound jars. You can save by bringing your own jars to be filled"

PRODUCE - All of our wide variety of produce is grown organically. Check our Blog page or sign up on our mailing list to see what's available from week to week!




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Rousedale Farm: Organic Produce, Raw Honey, Natural, Free-Range Eggs. - Fallston, MD (Maryland) 21047,
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